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We offer everything you need to make an impact in audiobook publishing.

No matter what the genre, no matter how good the writing or how intriguing the story, an audiobook is only ever as good as the quality of the sound recording.

Monkeynut is here to deliver the audio quality your book deserves. Our team of professionally trained sound technicians will help you record an audiobook that gets publishers and people listening. 


Monkeynut offers everything you need to make an impact in audiobook publishing… 

• recording studios We have recording studios based around the UK. Our team will record, edit and master your work into a professional audiobook, providing you with a suitable format for distribution on all major download sites.

• location recording Using state of the art hardware and software we’re able to come to you and capture perfect audio before taking it back to the studio to be professionally edited, mixed and mastered.

• Voiceover artists Monkeynut Audiobooks provide a selection of outstanding voice over artists. Our artists have extensive experience on screen, stage and radio and will deliver the perfect dynamic for your book.

Direction If you wish to narrate the book yourself, then you’re in safe hands. Monkeynut Audiobooks offers professional direction every step of the way. of sound effects. 

Composers Our composers have extensive credits on both television and film. Should you want to take your recording to the next level, they will create bespoke music to top and tail your audiobook or even create a score containing music and sound effects throughout your entire book.

Our experts are also happy to advise you on the best distribution channels to publish your audiobook. Like you, we want your audiobook to reach its full potential. 


Monkeynut Audiobooks – Create A Professional Audiobook With The Ultimate Audio Experts. Monkeynut Audiobooks are the audiobook experts supplying publishers and authors industry standard audiobook audio.

There’s never been a better time to record an audiobook.  

New technology means people can now enjoy books on-the-go and Google Player, Apple, Audible and Kobo are all competing for a share of this increasingly buoyant market. It’s estimated one in ten people now download and listen to audiobooks. 

The industry experts are also predicting wearable tech, AI devices like Echo and Google Home, and voice-activated technology will drive a further explosion in audiobook popularity – so it’s time to get in on the act. 


Chris Byland, Monkeynut Audiobooks.

Chris Byland, Monkeynut Audiobooks.

Chris Byland heads up Monkeynut Audiobooks. 

He’s won and been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career in broadcasting and has been lucky enough to work with a whole host of radio stations, including BBC Radio 2.

He’s worked with many of the broadcasting greats – from Chris Evans on Children in Need to Ken Bruce on Friday Night Is Music Night, from Mike Read to Ed Stewart. He’s even worked with The Archbishop of Canterbury and Patriarch of Jerusalem!

He also worked on many of the country’s major charitable causes, as well as co-founding Christmas Alone; a campaign to help end loneliness at Christmas by finding and listing events where people can spend Christmas day. We think this officially makes him a blooming good egg.

Call him if you’d like to find out more about turning your audiobook dreams into a reality. 


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