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Whether you are a solo artist, a duo, in a band or an author, the idea of getting into a studio and recording your work is a dream scenario. If you look around your local areas you will find an abundance of recording studios and we are the first people to say go out and support them. If, however, you find you are confused by the myriad of options available and worried you might make the wrong choice and waste your money achieving only amateur recordings, then we can help. We provide industry standard and affordable recording, mixing and mastering services for a wide range of projects, and are able to tailor our services to meet your artistic and budgeting requirements. Our main studio is run from Tilehouse Studios based in Denham, just outside North West London, and we also have a project studio in Beaconsfield. Originally built for Mike Oldfield in 1981, Tilehouse Studios boasts a wide range of both vintage analogue and digital equipment, which offers outstanding analogue sound with the flexibility of digital systems.


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Monkeynut location recording specialise in professional, mobile, audio recording, mixing and mastering, offering industry standard audio solutions at competitive prices. Using portable, state of the art hardware and software enables us to capture your performance in high resolution with minimal visual disruption before being edited, mixed and mastered in a professional studio. Alternatively, the original files can be delivered digitally to edit and mix yourself. Record up to 56 channels simultaneously at 24bit/48K resolution or up to 24 channels with a guaranteed backup system running in parallel alongside.

World class microphones, including Neumann and AKG, and pre-amps including Neve, Audient and Focusrite, ensure that your performance is captured in accurate detail while the flexibility of digital recording systems allow for the performance to be manipulated and enhanced before release.

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