Undercover Waiters

Undercover Waiters

Singing Waiters


We have seen many singing waiters - and these are The Best!


Experienced, respected and extremely busy, the Undercover Waiters have been making an impact at corporate events, weddings and A-list private functions, earning themselves a 5 star rating. Each waiter has been hand picked to provide nothing but excellence and this is why they are used time and time again. 

The Undercover Waiters offer many bespoke packages which vary from 1 to 4 waiters and they will tailor their act to suit your requirements. Their big personalities and even bigger voices are guaranteed to make your event entertaining and unforgettable.


Blending with the venue's waiting staff, your Undercover Waiters will be serving you in a professional manner until the pre-arranged 'Reveal' takes place when they make themselves known in their own unique way, breaking into song to suit your event.  This can range from your guests enjoying some of the UK's finest voices to everyone up dancing, having a great time.

Corporate events

No matter what your business, the singing waiters will wear the uniform, promote your key points and ensure your guests believe that they are part of the team until the 'Reveal' takes place when they make themselves known in their own unique way, breaking into song to suit your event. This can range from upbeat party songs, ballads and even Christmas songs if appropriate.


A member of Monkeynut Entertainment will take all relevant information upon booking so that we have a clear understanding of your brand and event. Following this, the Undercover Waiters will contact you prior to the event to make sure that you get exactly what you need and to discuss set lists and any changes that may have taken place prior to the initial booking. The Undercover Waiters will then liaise with the venue and, if appropriate, Head Waiter to ensure the event runs smoothly and exceeds the standard expected.