Elliott Frisby, Founder: Monkeynut Entertainment


“ Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” Keith Richards

Yes, it’s fair to say, music is in my bones. I’m one of those annoying people who can’t have a meal without playing a beat with my spoon. 

I’ve worked in the industry for over 22 years and worked with some big players (prepare for the namedrop), from the Bee Gees to Dame Shirley Bassey, featuring on albums with the like of David Essex, hosting my own music TV show and also playing for people such as Kate Winslett, Jodie Foster and Sir Cliff Richard – just me, my voice and my guitar. 

Despite playing in some awesome venues like The Royal Albert Hall, I still like getting down and dirty, playing intimate gigs, working with new talent and helping an artist make their audio ambitions come true. I love seeing the impact music makes– the smiles, the tingles, the crazy dance moves my six year old comes out with. 

Music is an instinctive pleasure and it’s a universal one. I’ve played all types of music over the years– classical, pop, indie, folk, Bethel and even released a children’s Halloween Album! Music has allowed me to travel the world and it’s shown me that music is a truly international language. 

Sound quality, however, isn’t. 

A decade ago premium sound quality was limited to the privileged few. I’d see numerous great artists and incredible bands’ talent limited because their recordings just weren’t up to scratch. Unless you had financial backing, your audio ambitions were narrow; having to work with poor quality kit and sound engineers who didn’t know their amps from their you-know-whats. 

Monkeynut Entertainment was born because I realised new technology could help credible aspiring artists achieve the sound quality they needed, without the need for them to be financially shafted. I wanted to make the top quality sound equipment accessible. 

I also wanted to help artists and music-lovers find each other. I was sick of seeing cool couples resorting to ‘average wedding bands’ when they got married, especially when they could have a fantastic, classically trained future star for the same price. And I knew that if a corporate wanted to get people excited about a big new product launch, they need a blooming exciting band, not just a tribute act in disguise. 

There was an obvious gap in the talent-sourcing market and Monkeynut Entertainment has filled it with our database of outstanding artists and our little black book – every one of which I’ve personally endorsed having seen them in action.   They’re not only great at their craft, they’re diligent and can read a room – tailoring their set and style to the unique event and delivering the best performance possible. They’re all very different but each one of our acts are absolutely awesome. 

In recent years, Monkeynut Entertainment has added a new string to our bow. With all the technology at our fingertips, we decided to accommodate the audiobook market and help authors record their work, ensuring it was not only up to publishing standards, but that the sound production truly enhanced their story. Depending on your brief, we can compose a unique soundtrack to accompany your narration commissioning some of the best film composers in the industry. 

With all that Monkeynut Entertainment now offers, I hope we’re helping to take entertainment and the arts into the future. As well as our lofty ambitions, we’re just music lovers at heart, so please do give us a call to talk through how we can help you. 

We are here. Get in touch! 

Elliott Frisby