Elliott Frisby, Founder: Monkeynut Entertainment


Entertainment is like a bottle of whisky. You can choose a cheap own brand which could pleasantly surprise you but will most likely burn your throat, or you can choose something special that leaves an excited yet contented feeling in your belly. 

For the past 20 years I have been lucky enough to perform at a variety of locations around  the world and have met some truly remarkable people. My career has been quite diverse, one day performing a sell out at The Royal Albert Hall alongside Dame Shirley Bassey, the next at a corporate event playing to the CEO of a major corporation, then finding myself, guitar in hand, at a dinner event discreetly tucked away in the corner. Whatever the event may be, people like myself have a desire to give you the best entertainment we possibly can. It runs through us like an addiction and fuels us like an uncontrollable passion.  

A few years ago I started feeling a shift within the industry. Following my performance at an event I would often be asked to go back on stage instead of the band because the event organiser were not happy with the quality that they received from the entertainment provider. 

Every event is important and I decided to take action. I sourced a variety of acts who excel in their craft and have an extensive success rate performing at corporate events, weddings and parties. These artists have earned their stripes by being out there, learning how to read a room and understanding the event. Our company includes a strong team from audio visual , TV, radio and film, all of whom are highly regarded in their industry.  

I welcome you to Monkeynut Entertainment. A company you can trust. A company you can rely on. A company who has your best interests at heart. A company who wants to give you awesome entertainment. 

We are here. Get in touch! 

- Elliott Frisby